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The Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator

The Veterans Treatment Court program serves veterans and service members who suffer from service related mental health and/or substance abuse issues, with a goal of ultimately diverting participants out of the criminal justice system. The Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator (VTCC) position is housed in the Second Judicial Circuit's Office of the Court Administrator. The VTCC focuses primarily on improving case processes, information availability, and problem resolution for cases involving Veteran defendants. The program continually identifies areas where improvements can be made to decrease or reduce delays in case processing, thereby decreasing costs of incarceration.

The Court's Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator is instrumental in:

  1. Developing and implementing processes for early identification of Veteran defendants in the criminal justice system.
  2. Developing and implementing protocols for referral, enrollment, case management, and tracking of Veteran Treatment Court cases.
  3. Establishing a Veterans Treatment Court model order database.
  4. Providing case management assistance to the judiciary on all cases involving Veteran defendants.
  5. Providing liaison services on behalf of the Court.
  6. Assisting Veteran defendants and their families in understanding and navigating the criminal justice system

For further assistance the Court's Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator can be reached at: (850) 606-4450 or Email at muellerb@leoncountyfl.gov