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Florida's 2nd Judicial Circuit Professionalism Panel

The purpose of the Panel is to receive, screen, evaluate and act upon complaints of conduct inconsistent with the "Standards of Professionalism" as defined in The Supreme Court's opinion, and resolve those complaints informally, if possible, or refer them to The Florida Bar if appropriate or necessary, and to perform all duties and responsibilities required by The Supreme Court of Florida in its opinion "In Re: Code for Resolving Professionalism Complaints". In the performance of its duties and responsibilities, the Panel shall not have the authority to discipline attorneys, and shall not have the authority to compel any attorney to appear before it pursuant to Administrative Order 2013-09

Second Judicial Circuit Professionalism Panel Complaint Form

Melissa VanSickle, Chair 850-205-3307 Melissa.VanSickle@nelsonmullins.com
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Michael "Mike" Glazer mglazer@ausley.com
Laura Beth Faragasso lbfaragasso@henryblaw.com
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Michael Ruff ruffm@leoncountyfl.gov
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Mary K. Simpson Kay@guildaylaw.com Beth@guildaylaw.com
Tom Powell Tom@powellforthedefense.com
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