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Parents of Volunteers

Volunteering with Teen Court can provide the following benefits to your child:

∗ Learn about the American Legal and Criminal Justice systems

∗ Gain community service experience and earn hours for school credit or scholarships

∗ Develop skills in critical thinking, public speaking, debate and working in groups

∗ Interact with elected and appointed officials and members of the court

∗ Develop compassion for fellow teens and society

∗ Volunteer in a safe, supervised, professional environment

∗ Meet new friends and make contacts for the future

FAQ's For Parents of Volunteers.

Parents of Defendants

Teen Court provides your child a "second chance". Although they will face real consequences for their crime, successful completion of the Teen Court program will allow them to aviod a prosecution or conviction on their permanent record. It will also teach that dealing with the criminal justice system is a daunting process and one that should be avoided later in life.

By accepting the Teen Court option, your child can:

∗ Face the consequences of their actions in a fair and expedient manner

∗ Be sentenced by fellow teens rather than a jury of adults or a judge

∗ Benefit from the weekly "rap sessions" where teens come togeher to discuss issues of concern

∗ Learn and grow from the community service that will be assigned

∗ Upon successful completion of the program, avoid a record of prosecution or convinction on their permanent record

FAQ's For Parents of Defendants.