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Dress Code Graphic

How to Dress for Court

Teen Court strives to maintain a professional atmosphere. Please adhere to the following rules or you will not be given credit for attending:

  • No cell phones or electronic media devices are to be used in the courtroom and phones must be OFF during proceedings
  • No shorts of any length
  • No hats
  • No short skirts or dresses (2 inches above the knee is ok)
  • No tank tops or bare shoulders. You will need a cover-up for court proceeding
  • No shirts that expose your stomach or that are low cut
  • No flip flops or slide-in shoes. Sandals must have a strap on the back
  • No sweatpants or torn jeans
  • All pants and shorts will be worn at the waist—no exceptions

The first time you are in violation of the dress code you will be given a warning. Anytime thereafter, you will lose credit for that evening. When in doubt---DON’T wear it!

** Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression**