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FAQ's For Parents of Volunteers

What types of cases are heard in Teen Court?

The cases heard in Teen Court are of first time, non-violent offenders, both misdemeanor and felony. Many of the cases deal with Petit Theft, Grand Theft, Public Affray (fighting), Trespassing, Possession of Alcohol, Possession of Marijuana, and other similar charges.

What are the days and times of the Teen Court sessions?

Teen Court meets every Tuesday Night. Your child should arrive at 6:30 p.m. and be picked up by 7:45 p.m.

Can I attend the sessions with my child?

Yes. Parents may sit on the left side of the courtroom gallery to observe the hearings

How many hours of community service can my child earn by volunteering with Teen Court?

Your child will earn 2 hours of service for every session of Teen Court attended. If your high school student is interested in becoming a Teen Court officer, they can earn additional hours each week that they serve as a teen attorney or clerk

We can provide the necessary forms needed for Civics, IB (CAS), and high school Student Services. It is the student’s responsibility to inform Teen Court staff that he or she needs a form signed on their final day of volunteering before it is due to the school.