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Wakulla County

Founded March 11, 1843
County Seat: Crawfordville
606.66 sq. miles
Population (2010): 30,766
Median household income (2007): $48,022

Interesting Facts

» "Wakulla" may be named for the Timucuan Indian word for "spring of water" or "mysterious water."

» Wakulla Springs is one of the world's largest freshwater springs in both depth and flow; measured at 1.23 billion gallons per day.

» The "Wakulla Volcano," was a mysterious nineteenth century geological event that occasionally caused plumes of smoke to be visible as far as Tallahassee.

» During the Civil War the Battle of Natural Bridge stopped the Union force that intended to take Fort Ward.

» Several major routes pass through Wakulla County, including U.S. Route 98 and U.S. Route 319.

» The Wakulla County Airport, located south of Panacea, is a public-use airport.

» St. Marks is a small commercial seaport currently used by commercial fishermen and recreational boaters.

» Crawfordville (the County Seat) has preserved one of Florida's old wooden courthouses, a handsome 3-story building used until after World War II.