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Family Stabilization Course Providers Directory

CourseSiteLast NameFirst NamePhoneEmailInformation
Terem Education
200 W. Park Avenue
Tallahassee FL 32301
White Mary 850-445-6441 EmailClassroom and Online courses offered in English language.
A Positive Divorce Resolution

Perchalski Robert 888-747-5362 EmailCorrespondence in English and Spanish
American Safety Institute

Children In Between Online Center for Divorce Education

Gordon Don 877-874-1365 EmailEnglish & Spanish, Online only. Court Approved Fee Waivers honored, Indigent applicants accepted.
Course for Parents / Online eLearning Systems, LLC
4023 Tampa Rd., Suite 2000
Oldsmar FL 34677 http://www.CourseForParents.com
877-419-1369 EmailOnline in English only. Indigent status accepted.
Divorce & Its Impact on Children / Online GOCEP

Herbst Rebecca 800-803-6710 EmailEnglish/Spanish. Classroom available in Circuit 5 (Ocala)
Education Programs Liberty County Cooperative Ext
10405 NW Theo Jacobs Way
Bristol FL 32321
850-643-2229 EmailEnglish/Spanish Classroom, Online, Correspondence, indigent applicant accepted.
Florida Parenting Class On-line Pensacola State College

Yeo Frances 850-484-1797 Email
Growing Well / Online Family Behavioral Services

Ellis Mary Ann 352-465-2444 EmailOnline English only. Also available in English/Spanish/French by individual appointment .
Helping Children After Divorce / Online

Mayville Stephen 775-826-6218 EmailEnglish and Spanish.
Informed/My Children First / Online
8789 San Jose Blvd #305
Jacksonville FL 32217 http://www.mychildrenfirst.com
Bateh Mark 800-547-0308 EmailOnline or also available by correspondence
Kids in Divorce Situations / Online University of Continuing Educa

800-732-4135 EmailInternet course English and Spanish
Online Florida Coparenting Education

Clark Amina 866-370-9863 Email
Online A Florida Divorce Education Pr

800-344-0335 Email
Online Assisting Parents Through Divo

Tabas Jerome 954-456-2850 EmailFlorida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, and Litigation Consultant
Online As We Grow Counseling
2240 Twelve Oaks Way, Suite 101
Wesley Chapel FL 33544 http://www.aswegrowncounseling.com
813-838-4807 EmailPay by PayPal or check (prior to taking course) or credit card
Online Aaron Classes, LLC
PO Box 533441
Orlando FL 32853 http://www.FloridaParentingClassNow.com
Hunter James EmailEnglish and Spanish, indigent applications accepted.
Online Divorce Class

866-504-2883 EmailIndigent applicants accepted.
Online Children of Divorcing Parents

305-237-2163 EmailOnline in English/Spanish
Online Center of Solutions

Garber Kathy 888-606-1962 EmailCourse available in English and Spanish.
Online Crownpointe Parent Education &

David William 352-342-2515 EmailOnline in English. Indigent status accepted. Also available in classroom setting.
Online Courtroom Creations Inc.

Ripley Millard 877-602-2368 EmailOnline and Correspondence in English/Spanish indigent applicant accepted with prior application. Also available in classroom setting English/Spanish.
Online Elite Continuing Education

Stevens Lisa 888-857-6920 EmailIndigent Status Accepted.
Online Florida Coparenting Education

877-503-4867 EmailOnline in English only, Indigent Status Accepted.
Online Lowest Price Parenting

Thomas David 386-235-3949 Emailwww.VideoParentingCourtse.com
Online Parent Education Group, Inc.

EmailCorrespondence Only
Online Parent Class
333 Third Street, Suite 4
Laguna Beach FL 92651 http://www.onlineparentclass.com
949-715-2694 Email
Palm Beach State College Children First

Glade Belle 561-868-3514 EmailOnline English only
Parent Education & Family Stabilization Family Court Education & Media
8 Broadway Ste. 226
Kissimmee FL 34741 http://www.courtclasses.com
407-931-1778 EmailOnline English/Spanish. Also available in classroom setting English only. Indigent status accepted.
Parent Education & Family Stabilization / Online

Banschick Mark EmailEnglish only, online only, Indigent applicants accepted.
Parenting & Divorce Education Programs

Lesinski Sari 800-767-8193 EmailEnglish/Spanish. Classroom setting and correspondence also available. Indigent Status Accepted
Parenting Choice / Online

Soldevilla Robyn 305-989-8118 EmailOnline in English/Spanish. Indigent Status Accepted.
Parenting Class / Online

239-261-5405 EmailOnline in English/Spanish. Indigent Status Not Accepted. Also available in classroom setting English only.
Parenting Depot Too / Online

Gallow Arlyne 954- 967- 98 EmailEasy access
Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce Family Therapy Associates

Soldevilla Robyn 877-933-0001 EmailClassroom setting in English materials available in Spanish/French

For information on how to become a provider of the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, or to report corrections and updates, please contact Audrey Ressler at the Florida Department of Children & Families, Office of Family Safety
audrey_ressler@dcf.state.fl.us or (850) 717-4680

This page is maintained by Kim Stephens. If you have any questions please contact her at 850-606-4423.
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