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Courthouse Therapy Dog Biographies

The success of the Courthouse Animal Therapy Program is due to the dedication of the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) Animal Therapy Program teams that provide their free animal therapy services to the Second Judicial Circuit. We are proud of our volunteer teams. Below are the biographies of some of the court approved animal therapy teams.

Therapy Dog's Name



Bailey Lab Marlene
Bogey Boykin Spaniel Richard
Brody Lab / Golden Retriever Mix Heather
Copper Minature Goldendoodle Linda
Daisy Labrador Retriever Patty
Gertie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lauralee
Honey Girl Miniature Dachshund Bobbie Jo
Kosmo Jack Russell Terrier Preston
Lucke Golden Retriever Sydney
Peyton Rough Collie Vicki
Margo Labrador Retriever Stephanie
Mattie Loo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Karen
Molly Golden Retriever Don
Pippin Golden Retriever Chris
Schatze Weimaraner Barbara
Shiloh Olde English Bulldogge M'Lisa
Squirt YorkShire Terrier M'Lisa
Starla Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Stephanie