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General Research

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Legislative and Statutory Resources

  • » Congressional Record Database | Contains the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress from Volume 140 (1994) to
    the present.
  • » Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) | Database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions and related legal sources from around the globe.
  • » Hindsa Precedents | A 5-volume series containing selected rulings made by the chair of the House of Representatives
  • » NCSL State Legislatures Internet Links | Searchable database providing links to Web sites of State Legislatures, Legislators and political developments.
  • » THOMAS | Current and historical legislative information for Congress, including: bills, laws, treaties, the Congressional Record, roll call votes, and
    committee reports.
  • » NATLEX | Contains over 55,000 records covering over 170 countries and territories on national labour, social security and related human rights

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Regulatory Information

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